• M24Pro can be use as free at GMT + 3 15:00 - 18:00.
  • M24Pro can work with offical and most Pvp server(not guarantee %100 working at all).
  • Level bot : Helping for fast levelling.
  • Farm bot : Helping for farm rare item and ores.
  • Fishing bot : Automatic fishing catch.
  • Buff bot : You can buff party member automaticly.
  • Chat bot : You can talk automaticly or you can send whisper to near players.
  • Merchant bot : You can scan all market on your screen and you can get all items with price in list. You can buy items automatily.
  • Smart route : You can walk with smart route (dont climb to mountains or dont collision to objects)


  • M24pro has been paid. You can install credits for use m24pro. You must use GPROCOIN EPIN for install credits. You can get list of GPROCOIN sellers in BUY EPIN page after login. Click for how to install GPROCOIN EPIN.
  • If m24pro or game was crashed or frezed then delete game folder and reinstall game and dont use another bot or hacking tools.
  • M24Pro not transfer your personal data(Game account info or another data) to M24Pro server or remote computers. Only getting your computer MAC adress for checking bot login. If you want to test, can use some tools like "wireshark" or another tools.
  • You must be registered user for use M24Pro.
  • You must be loggin for download M24Pro and goto "My Account" page.
  • One Account only work with one M24Pro client.
  • Please protect your self from fake sites. Check your account info in "My Account" page before download.(Register date,Email ..)
  • x7, mob pulling and Pro damage can be disconnect on some pvp server(s).This property please hold off.


Version : 4.66 - 22.03.2024
  • Updated for new game client version
  • Added 1 days to accounts.